Thinking of buying a used truckmount? Things you need to consider.

Jerry McKillip

National Service Manager – Prochem

When it comes time to buy your first truckmount or replace your current truckmount you have a couple of options, replace with a new unit or look for a used truckmount in decent shape.  For some a new unit may not be an option, so to find a good used truckmount there will be several things to consider.    First, there are two (2) basic styles of truck mount carpet cleaning machines; one is a slide-in unit and the other is a direct drive.  The slide in unit has its own engine; the direct drive runs off the engine of the van. This article will focus on the slide in truckmount. When buying a slide in truckmount it may already be installed in a van or you can buy the unit on its own. If you buy a van with the truckmount installed you will save the install fee, this fee can range from $700 – $1000.  If you already have a van and you are going to have the truckmount installed, make sure the van is rated for the truckmount you are going to purchase.  A truckmount that is heavier than your van is rated for can cause major problems with van, which will include brakes, drive line, and springs just to name a few.  When installing a truckmount in any van have it done by an authorized truckmount dealer, if you should be in an accident the last thing you want is the truckmount coming loose. 


If you already have a particular truckmount in mind you are ahead of the game, if not you need to start looking. First check with the truckmount dealers in your area, they may have what you are looking for and may save you some time. Also when buying from a truckmount dealer ask if they offer some type of warranty and if something does happen they may help with the repairs. The next place I would look is the internet, not only to look for a truckmount, but also gather information.  Visit some carpet cleaning chat rooms like Mikey’s board, you can see what truckmounts are recommended and you can also ask questions about truckmounts you are considering, especially if this is your first truckmount.  Now that you are looking on the internet you will get an idea of what is out there.  Buying a truckmount is no different than buying a van; you need to kick the tires and be an informed buyer.  First, go the manufactures web page and down load the operator’s manual for the unit you are considering.  Read the manual, if you read the manual you will know how the unit should operate and service that is required; pay close attention the preventive maintenance schedules. 

Also if this is an older unit contact the dealer or manufacture and make sure they still support this truckmount and you can still get repair parts.  If it is an older unit, don’t get hung up on hours on the hour meter, remember it is all about how it has been taken care of.

Once you have the information you need, it is now time to take a look at the truckmount.  Make sure you take a flashlight with you, if the truckmount is in the van it may be a little dark.  Also if you are not mechanically inclined and don’t know what to look for or what questions to ask take a friend that has the experience to ask the right questions.   Once you are in front of the truckmount take a look at the general condition of the unit, does it look like it has been wiped down and cleaned on regular intervals and not just for the sale?  If the unit is still mounted in the van, look at the van condition, if the van is well maintained chances are the truckmount is as well. 


Check back soon for part two.


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