New RotoVac model to be Introduced @ Mikefest next week!!

Rotovac plans on introducing the all new Rotovac 360XL Rotary Jet
Extractor this month at Mikey-Fest in Las Vegas. The 360XL has a 15″
wide cleaning head and will also be able to run an optional 17″ head in
the near future. Engineered by Cliff Monson, the inventor of the RX-20
and Rotary Jet Extraction, the 360XL is better performing, lighter
weight, and more user friendly than the Hoss or the T-Rex. With it’s
telescoping handle and multiple cleaning head options, the 360XL is a
must see for those in the market for a new Rotary Jet Extractor.



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  1. I guess I could sell my original rotovac and then my RX-20 and my rotary dri machine and have more room in my storage unit, if the nimber add up. jz.

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