Accessories That Make You Money!

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Accessories That Make You Money!

Dorrel Allsop

Sapphire Scientific Sales Manager


We are very excited about 2013. Sapphire’s focus on engineering the most innovative and user-friendly products, is paying off in a big way for cleaners andour distribution partners. You, as distributors, have helped make 2012 a record breaking year for Sapphire Truck mount sales, and we thank you for your support. Rest assured we continue to focus on cutting edge solutions for the industry. I’d like to focus on a few of our key accessory items that have also really put Sapphire Scientific in the forefront.



HOSS 700

Customers around the world are loving the HOSS 700.  We have worked closely with cleaners and distributors to ensure that the HOSS truly is the best companion that any professional cleaner could have. End users can customize the HOSS to fit their needs and cleaning style. Flow control and spray bar variety are just a few of the options that cleaners enjoy. Not only is the HOSS a must have for any truckmount user, but our easy to change options make it great for portables running 500 psi or higher. The 15-inch platform and its unique staggered orifice and vacuum slot system, drive solution deep into carpet fibers, agitates thoroughly, and provides complete, streak-free extraction.




Sapphire’s Upholstery Pro is by far the number one selling upholstery tool in the professional cleaning market. The performance and design of the Pro really does speak volumes for what cleaners have come to demand. This tool is so easy to operate and offers more versatile functions than any competing product. As distributors, you know full well that this tool really does sell itself, and we appreciate you making it the market standard in upholstery cleaning.  There are countless testimonials from cleaners that really say it all.




If you have not done or had Sapphire do a hard surface cleaning demonstration utilizing our 1200 psi portable, you are missing out on sales opportunities.  Sapphire has truly developed a perfect “system” for cleaning tile and concrete with this unit combined with the best hard surface chemicals available. With its adjustable pressure, this is a perfect unit for carpet and upholstery as well. Clamshell design, easy to maneuver setup, the SSP 1200 is an excellent solution for your portable customers. Sapphire Scientific has plenty of videos for you to witness the power of the SSP 1200:




Floor drying is a moneymaker. Whether you are drying carpet or hard surface floors between applications, we all agree that faster is better! The Studebaker Airpath is in a class of its own.  This air mover produces more than 40 mph airflow velocity. Its patented design sends air in a 360-degrees pattern, which dries floors faster and more efficient than any air mover available on the market today.  Professionals agree; the Airpath simply makes them more money faster.

 Check out our website for more information on these and the many other products that we manufacture, which can help enable your business to become more efficient, productive and profitable.

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