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This bad ass machine was a hit at The Experience. See for yourself what had the MF crowd in awe..
and pay attention at 3:10! I've got a few questions for it's inventor, Mike Kubasiewicz
  • Please tell the audience about your history in the carpet cleaning industry
  • What circumstances led you to make your own "Porty"
  • Does your...
Just bought the mikey tile tool from john :rockon:. For Showers: What cleaning products for ceramic? What tools/pads to scrub with? For stone? Caulking, what tools to remove that moldy old caulk and what product to place new? Glass doors? EVERY time we push tile/grout hard the calls start flooding in for showers and i just dont have a good system down yet. I have several to...
Welcome to our Hot Seat Interview with Bill Yeadon. Take a few minutes to look over Bill's responses to your questions that were posted earlier, plus the bio that follows.

We'll welcome Bill in a few more minutes