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Now that most everyone has had their sauce for some time now what are the results. I have not seen much on this board about how the new sauce is working.
I'm sure it has been done before. But I thought I would post a bit about the process. I had a couple manual vacuum hose reels that came with a truck I bought. The conversion was relatively easy. That being said, if you have zero welding or fab experience this might be very hard for you. We bought 2 DC motors $180 each, enough for two reels 1" channel-20' section 2" angle iron 6" x 1/4...
I think this interesting, I saw this rug in a clients home when inspecting some other work. Our competitor cleaned this rug and I know that they get 1.00 a foot to clean and 1.00 for every additional topical treatment they sell and apply to it. The little tags stapled to it are each worth $1.00 additional per square foot. This rug apparently was cleaned for about $7.00 per square foot. They...
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