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Tom Kin @ Sani-Bright Interview- Grow your biz QUICK!

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We’ll get up close in personal with the King off growth will be sharing his secret methods of how he went from a shop vac in the back of his Dodge Omni hatch back to 4 trucks, a rug plant, a restoration division, a carpet retail shop and bringing in millions after just 5 short years.   This fantastic session ... Read More »

The Robert Falzone/ Interlink Supply Interview


Mike Pailliotet and Robert Falzone discuss life as a over the top customer service rep. Robert is known industry wide for his generosity with his time and knowledge as well has his desire to help his clients succeed. He is no stranger to pulling all nighters helping his clients restore Vegas casino carpet and stone floors. We discuss Robert’s choices in ... Read More »

Rick Aranda Hot Seat


Those who have spent a moment with The Rick knows he bleeds Carpet Cleaning. You can’t pay a guy enough to fake his t’ude. Let’s find out what makes him tick.. -Rick, aside from being a singer in a hard core punk band in the 80’s, what else did you do for kicks before getting sucked into our industry? I ... Read More »

A true classic- The HydraMaster CDS Truckmount


  A recent interview with Doyle Bloss and Steve Poulos at HydrMaster about the best selling CDS style cleaning machine of all time.   First off, when was the first unit sold? The HydraMaster CDS Direct Drive Truckmount was introduced around 1985. HydraMaster manufactured a couple of different power take off truckmounts prior to that. I will be glad to send ... Read More »

a candid evening with Mr Doug Heiferman..


Those of you who frequent Facebook these days should all know Doug by now. Aside from Robert Falzone, there is no one as prolific at keeping us informed of their damn shenanigans inside our glorious industry as Mr Heiferman. Before I was banned from the Carpet Cleaner’s group by the Mytee Mafia I took the opportunity to ask Doug some ... Read More »

Getting to know Mr Mark Kennedy


I think it was two or maybe three at best, years ago when I first heard the name “Mark Kennedy” while trying to keep up with the long list of business mentors who work with our industry.. Unlike Joe, Howard,*The Twins, John Braun, Dave Youkom, Crazy George or any of the rest, Mark has never ( that I can recall) ... Read More »

Interview with Patrick Ladinig, owner of Carpet Cleaner America – 11/12/13


I was lucky to get to spend some quality time at our Ken Snow Memorial dinner party with Patrick and Reg from Carpet Cleaners America of the CRB, Rotowash, Brush and Clean, Mist and Brush, Whittiker etc fame.. It was fascinating to say the least to hear the real story behind the CRB drama that is taking place these days ... Read More »

Interview with Mr Doyle Bloss.


How old were you when you finally came to terms with the fact that you would be following in your dad’s footsteps in the oh so glamorous career of a carpet cleaning supplier? I actually cleaned my first carpet in 1973. My mom drove me to the job site in our cherry red 1972 Ford Station Wagon. It was about ... Read More »

Getting to know Mr Paul Brown.

Mr Paul Brown is a bit of a legend here in Northern California. A very well spoken, handsome, elderly white guy, tinkerer, scholar and professional ultra high end bicycle mechanic who for some reason chooses to suck filth for a living. I have a few questions for him… I know enough bicycle frame (small) manufacturers, mechanics, employees of large manufacturers, racers and ... Read More »

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