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Intermediate Rug Repair March 5-7, 2014


The Master Rug Repair Series  Master Rug Repair Series Presents: Intermediate Rug Repair  March 5-7, 2014   Sign up today!  (click here to apply)   Intermediate Rug Repair Instructor: Robert Mann Date: March 5-7, 2014 Location: Denver, CO Master Rug Cleaner and Robert Mann Oriental Rugs in Denver, Colorado ( partnered to offer The Master Rug Repair series of rug repair and restoration ... Read More »

Sapphire Scientific Introduces “One Earth” Green Cleaning Line

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 9.18.52 AM

By Gary Polyoka Chemical Products Brand Manager Manager Sapphire Scientific’s goal in introducing the One Earth product line is to provide safe and effective cleaning formulations that are free from synthetic ingredients, including surfactants and volatile ingredients such as petroleum based solvents that are safe for both people and the environment. One Earth Cleaning products brings the best of nature ... Read More »

CleanMaster Release with OxyBreak™ Cleans with the Power of Controlled Peroxide


Release with OxyBreak from CleanMaster is a new Carpet Prespray and Low Moisture Encapsulation Solution. Release with Oxybreak™ Carpet Prespray enhances the long standing commitment of the HydraMaster SafeClean designation and only contains ingredients that have been identified by industry ingredient listing groups as meeting the standard for greener cleaning solutions. The cleaning power of Release Carpet Prespray is increased ... Read More »

OxyBreak™ from CleanMaster- The Power of Controlled Peroxide…


Hydrogen Peroxide. It is green. It activates many other cleaning solution ingredients through the power of oxidation. It brightens many dull carpets. It helps strip oxidized oils from ice melt and asphalt tracking off commercial carpets. It can assist to lighten grout lines on tile floors and brighten dingy concrete with stamped or finished concrete. It removes many stains (including ... Read More »

New Hi-Performance Portable – The TruckPort is Here

Hi-Performance Portable Carpet Extractor

New Hi-Performance Portable Extractor Introducing the TRUCKPORT… Let’s not get all gushy about this – it’s simply a box with pumps and motors. But this box offers a heck of a lot of bang for the buck! The new Truckport portable from Excellent Supply contains all the necessary components to perform well. Extremely well! The Truckport is equipped with a ... Read More »

The HydraMaster Boxxer 318 Packs an Even More Powerful Cleaning Punch

318 front

  Product Press Release December 5th, 2012           Stepping up to a HydraMaster Truckmount is more affordable than ever. The Boxxer 318 takes the entry level machine to new heights, and makes it more economical than ever. The Boxxer 318 has just gone through a complete update to continue to ensure that is leads the competition in ... Read More »

NEW! CleanFreak® Carpet Encapsulation Cleaner

Using the CleanFreak® Carpet Encapsulation Cleaner is a great way to keep your carpets in better shape until your next full extraction job.  An encapsulation cleaner will combine with the dirt and soil within your carpeting and allow you to lift out dirt every time you vacuum. Encapsulation cleaners are not your ordinary carpet cleaning solution.  Instead of just applying ... Read More »

New! Cat Pump For Portable Extractors- A First!!


Retrofit Your Existing Extractor Today! Cat Pumps® is well known worldwide for its pumps’ proven quality and longevity in the field. And now we’ve expanded, bringing our expertise and excellence to the portable extractor market. Working with OEMs, distributors and extractor equipment users, we’ve designed our 1XP series of extractor pumps from the ground up.   What Makes Cat Pumps ... Read More »

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