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The Robert Falzone/ Interlink Supply Interview


Mike Pailliotet and Robert Falzone discuss life as a over the top customer service rep. Robert is known industry wide for his generosity with his time and knowledge as well has his desire to help his clients succeed. He is no stranger to pulling all nighters helping his clients restore Vegas casino carpet and stone floors. We discuss Robert’s choices in ... Read More »

Unger Window Cleaning Products Now Available at Jon-Don


      Jon-Don, a leading distributor of products, equipment, and training for independent contractors and in-house service providers across multiple industries, has announced that it has added Unger commercial window cleaning products to its growing line of janitorial supplies and equipment. Unger has been manufacturing high-quality cleaning tools for over five decades, and is a worldwide leader in the ... Read More »

HD Odor Kill Plus


The latest technology in DFE chemistry is incorporated in the new Odor Killing, TLC Pre Spray from Pro’s Choice. “HD Odor Kill” Plus is fast becoming a must have for cleaners who want high performance cleaning and effective odor elimination bundled into one product. It is a product with amazing versatility for the professional cleaner. For Pet odors in homes ... Read More »

New Scan Combiflex 800DSP with “Smart Grind” Technology Available at Jon-Don


   Jon-Don, a leading distributor of products, equipment, and training for independent contractors and in-house service providers across multiple industries, has announced that it will be adding the new Scan Combiflex 800DSP with “smart grind” technology from Scanmaskin to its growing line of concrete surface prep equipment. The Scan Combiflex 800DSP features a built-in touch display that shows diamond tool ... Read More »

More Chemspec Gold Standard products available


More Chemspec Gold Standard products available Six additional rebranded Gold Label products ready to ship – order now! We are continuing to roll out the new Chemspec in the marketplace, along with additional rebranded Chemspec chemicals – another 6 products are available now in blue bottles with brilliant gold labels to brighten up your chemical shelves and boost your sales. We’re also planning new point-of-sale materials ... Read More »

Deck weights now available for the Vario OP machine


The VARIO machine has just received another nice addition! As you probably already know, the VARIO represents the BEST value in the industry for an incredibly SMOOTH oscillating pad machine! We worked hard to get the Swingarm and wheel assembly to create a perfect balance so that the VARIO would handle smoothly and scrub well too. But we’ve been itching ... Read More »

Chemspec Fission- the lowest cost prespray on the market.

Fission with SST (fĭsh’ən’) Noun: The act of cleaving or splitting into parts. The name says it all! Chemspec Fission uses industry-exclusive proprietary chemistry to separate soils from carpet fibers! We call it SST, Soil Separation Technology, and it is truly bringing advanced science to cleaning. While competitors’ products rely on antiquated formulas that include unhealthy butyl solvents or throat-choking ... Read More »

The hugely popular Hydro Force SX-15 is now even more versatile.


BUILT FOR SPEED!! The industry’s most advanced tile cleaning tool, the SX-15, just got slimmer. The new Gekko SX-15 attaches an SX-15 head to a Gekko wand to create an even thinner profile for this tile cleaning monster. The Gekko SX-15 was created after numerous requests for a wand-style set up for the SX-15. The AR51S includes all components necessary ... Read More »

Prochem’s NEW e-idle fuel savings system


   One of the largest costs of operating a business is the cost of fuel. As fuel prices start to close in on $5.00 a gallon as predicted, it becomes an even larger percentage of operational costs and drain on bottom line profits. Rather than dealing with the hassle of alternative fuels and secondary fuel tanks, Prochem decided to make ... Read More »

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