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Rug Summit 8 will be loaded with business-building content and surprises as well as the all-important chance to network and associate with fellow industry pros from across the country and beyond. We are still working hard on assembling our complete program, but in the meantime, here is where we are now with the agenda. Check back weekly for new details! ... Read More »

Turn-Key Packages Offer Selection, Convenience, Availability and Competitive Pricing


Turn-Key Packages Offer Selection, Convenience, Availability and Competitive Pricing Vehicle selection, options, availability, competitive pricing and finance rates as low as 0% are why most of our customers choose from our extensive inventory of new and pre-owned vans, cube vans and trucks. We inventory as many as a hundred or more new and pre-owned vehicles at any one time, including ... Read More »

Make Hay While The Sun Shines


Make hay (while the sun shines). According to Cambridge dictionary, “make hay while the sun shines” is an old proverb that literally means to “make good use of an opportunity while it lasts”. It’s easy to recognize the agricultural background behind this expression. But it could just as well be applied to the carpet cleaning business. In fact this old idiom makes a lot of sense ... Read More »

Disinfecting, Sanitizing & Protecting For Fun and Profit


  By Scott Warrington We have seen news reports of dozens, sometimes hundreds of people getting sick when they are together in a confined environment such as a school, a cruise ship or an assisted living facility. Just as an illness affecting one member of a family soon spreads to the entire family, there is a similar spread in any ... Read More »

New and even more improved triFORCE Carpet Stretcher Model 7


Watch this video and you’ll be convinced that tightening up or installing carpet has never been easier.     Superior Carpet Tools is the result of a partnership between Mario Garzanelli and Bruno Fissori, after many years of working together in the carpet industry. Mario has 50 years of carpet installation, repair, inspection and retail experience. Starting at 19 years old ... Read More »

MB’s own Adam Hale going for the gold @ The Experience 2014


  The Experience has selected it 5 Industry Presenters   Las Vegas - The Experience has selected it 5 Industry Presenters.  We have never opened our program to the industry like this before.  The response to the offer was amazing.  We have reviewed all of the submissions having a difficult time selecting only five presenters.  We did stick to our initial ... Read More »

The Butler System Schematic


The Butler System Schematic “We take great pride in building a quality machine.” The Butler System Schematic is a pictorial representation of the Butler machine and its various components. One schematic is included with the Owner’s Manual and a laminated duplicate can be found on a pull-down, retractable holder conveniently located at the vehicle’s side door. The color-coded, sequentially numbered ... Read More »

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