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Mike Draper’s Amazing Cleaning Truck


I can’t recall ever seeing a more creative use of space in a carpet cleaning truck. Mike Draper from Logan Utah has created a real work of art in the back of his back of his box van. No space goes to waste yet everything is easily accessed.     Enjoy..   Read More »

Post of the Month January 2015


A new member asked on the forum members for some advice on starting a carpet cleaning service in a small rural community. Other than watching a carpet cleaner make over $200 an hour at his parents house recently, the poster has no knowledge of the industry. His initial investigation into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship led him to believe that he will earn over $52k a year with just one job a day. ... Read More »

2015 – The Year of the Connector~ Ivan Turner


Today information flows at the speed of light through the internet, Linkend, Facebook, Google and sundry other mediums to allow for the sharing of relevant information that    just a few short years ago was not available. With these resources readily available and at our fingertips, each of us has the unique opportunity to connect with others from varying fields ... Read More »

ARCS Educational Program

arcs-twoClasses-300x250 (1)

ARCS Educational Program The Association of Rug Care Specialists (ARCS) was formed by members of the rug care community with the goal of advancing the art, business, and science of rug care. Continuing in the tradition of rug care organizations that came before, ARCS is developing a program of educational classes designed to help students acquire skills useful in in-plant ... Read More »

Professional Carpet Protector Testing Implemented on Mikeys Board


A recent conversation started by Jim Pemberton on MB got me thinking.. If cleaners could see scientific proof that  Teflon or Scotchgard type fabric protectors really work, would they sell more of it? So I contacted Interlink whom I figured had the means to do  proper laboratory testing and who also manufacture one of the more popular products on MB. ... Read More »

Customer Satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction Our commitment to customer satisfaction begins when you first receive your new or pre-owned Butler System. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, we will reimburse you for the cost of the machine, reimburse your deposit, honor our travel credit, remove the machine from the vehicle and compensate you an additional $1,000.00 for your inconvenience. We ... Read More »

Butler System Hose Guide and Security Door


Hose Guide and Security Door Located at side or rear door of vehicle Close and lock vehicle while machine is in operation Secure valuables in vehicle Protect machine and vehicle from inclement weather Operate in extreme heat or sub zero temperatures Reduce noise levels in residential areas and/or during night time hours Reduce liability by preventing unauthorized personnel, children or ... Read More »

Butler Maximum Cleaning Products


Butler Maximum Cleaning Products The Butler Maximum Cleaning Products are formulated to be the finest cleaning and restoration products available. The Butler Maximum formulas offer professionals 28 different choices, ranging from carpet and fabric cleaning products to specialty products for deodorization, etc. Each product is color-coded for ease of identification with a matching color-coded, easy to read and understand labeling ... Read More »