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Tom Kin @ Sani-Bright Interview- Grow your biz QUICK!

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We’ll get up close in personal with the King off growth will be sharing his secret methods of how he went from a shop vac in the back of his Dodge Omni hatch back to 4 trucks, a rug plant, a restoration division, a carpet retail shop and bringing in millions after just 5 short years.   This fantastic session ... Read More »

The Real World’s Most Bad Ass Truckmount Set Up


It’s finally done. Been running this unit for 2 weeks and have 70 hours on it. Runs strong and smooth as can be. For many years I’ve been wanting to build my own rig. About 6 years ago I was talking with Olsen about taking my butler apart and reinstalling it on a box truck. Thank goodness he talked me ... Read More »

HouseCall Pro Newsletter and Updates

house call pro

Newsletter & Updates What’s New on AndroidCustomer Sign-off Before you start utilizing the Sign-off feature, you will need to enable the feature through the web portal. To access the controls, click on ‘My Account’ at the top right corner of the screen and select the ‘Company’ tab on the left side of the top ribbon. If you scroll down a ... Read More »

Unger Window Cleaning Products Now Available at Jon-Don


      Jon-Don, a leading distributor of products, equipment, and training for independent contractors and in-house service providers across multiple industries, has announced that it has added Unger commercial window cleaning products to its growing line of janitorial supplies and equipment. Unger has been manufacturing high-quality cleaning tools for over five decades, and is a worldwide leader in the ... Read More »

Don’t take it for granite… What are some processes that a carpet cleaner can use on granite to safely make money with as little drama as possible?

You can see it, but the floor is masked off as well.

This blog is especially written for a cleaner who occasionally does stone. I’m talking about someone with a truckmount or a portable, someone who has a 3 room special for carpet cleaning, someone who up-sells upholstery and tile when they can get it. Maybe there are some carpet cleaners out there who may occasionally polish marble or travertine with a 5x powder or a Spinergy diamond ... Read More »

HD Odor Kill Plus


The latest technology in DFE chemistry is incorporated in the new Odor Killing, TLC Pre Spray from Pro’s Choice. “HD Odor Kill” Plus is fast becoming a must have for cleaners who want high performance cleaning and effective odor elimination bundled into one product. It is a product with amazing versatility for the professional cleaner. For Pet odors in homes ... Read More »

Reno Nevada’s Finest Carpet Cleaning Suppliers


I took a drive up to Reno today to visit with the two only retailers in the area. Small shops with big hearts and interesting stories…    Sierra Cleaning Systems/Interlink..     and Magic Wand Co.. Read More »

New Web Portal Features on HouseCallPro!

house call pro

What’s New on the Web Portal? Enhanced Calendaring You can now enjoy dynamic job scheduling on all calendar views with new features that allow you to drag and drop jobs between technicians, change job lengths visually, and toggle between schedule, day, week, and monthly views.In order to move scheduled jobs visually, just click on the desired job holding the left-click ... Read More »

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