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Tom Kin @ Sani-Bright Interview- Grow your biz QUICK!

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We’ll get up close in personal with the King off growth will be sharing his secret methods of how he went from a shop vac in the back of his Dodge Omni hatch back to 4 trucks, a rug plant, a restoration division, a carpet retail shop and bringing in millions after just 5 short years.   This fantastic session ... Read More »

What are you trying to achieve? ~ Ed Valentine


The American basketball coach, John Wooden once stated: “Talent is God Given; be Humble— Fame is man-made; be Thankful—-Conceit is Self-Given; be Careful”! While Talent may be God Given, we Professional Cleaners do work hard to perfect our skills, and we accomplish this through continual education no matter what our age. Therefore, be proud of what you have accomplished but ... Read More »

ServiceMonster Announces New Payment Processing Feature


  We’re excited to announce a new ServiceMonster feature: payment processing! You are now able to process credit card payments in the mobile version of ServiceMonster through Authorize.Net. We know that this has been something that people have been asking for consistently, so we’re very excited to finally debut it! Integrating Authorize.Net with your ServiceMonster account and processing credit cards ... Read More »

A Straight Flush ~ Ivan Turner


 A Straight Flush You can save 15% on car insurance by calling GEICO. Everybody knows that; but did you know that generating new business for your cleaning and restoration business begins by getting prospective buyers and potential referral sources into your sales funnel? Admittedly, there are dozens of verticals that a cleaning and restoration business can achieve growth through. However, ... Read More »

2015 – The Year of the Connector~ Ivan Turner


Today information flows at the speed of light through the internet, Linkend, Facebook, Google and sundry other mediums to allow for the sharing of relevant information that    just a few short years ago was not available. With these resources readily available and at our fingertips, each of us has the unique opportunity to connect with others from varying fields ... Read More »

Making Content More Engaging-Ivan Turner


We’ve talked a lot about inbound marketing on this site before, and unquestionably, a big part of any good inbound marketing strategy is creating content by blogging. To recap, inbound marketing is where prospects and leads come to you. A blog is ideal for this purpose because there’s a good chance that your prospects are using the Internet to search ... Read More »

Moving From a Solo One Man Show To Hiring a Highly Productive Staff- Rick Gelinas


Several years ago I came to a challenging crossroads in my business. At that time, I was cleaning commercial floors and commercial carpet. At that moment in time I was flying solo. My wife and I had grown our business to the point that it was productive and we were generally satisfied. The only problem was, we were tapped out. ... Read More »

The Importance of Taking a Creativity Break


A short vacation. A bike ride. A relaxing walk. An afternoon just chilling out. Time with a good book. Listening to some good music. Taking in some art. Enjoying an excellent meal. Heading to a park to enjoy nature. What do these have in common? A break from the routine gives your brain a chance to open up to new ... Read More »

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