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Don’t take it for granite…make money cleaning and sealing stone!

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I lurk on the cleaning boards at lot. I just watch and listen trying to determine trends etc. One area I find interesting is that many carpet cleaners seem ignore stone. Sure, there are some cleaners out there that specialize in stone and won’t even touch carpet, but from many of the posts that I see and read, I have yet to see ... Read More »

A how to guide to changing your Butler Blower oil and Cat Water pump oil


A how to guide to changing your Butler Blower oil and Cat Water pump oil By Mark Saiger Saiger’s Steam Clean Grand Rapids, MN   Being a typical guy myself, I really hate reading instructions. I would rather see it being done vs reading the manual…….I have had a lot of requests the past few months asking that I make ... Read More »

Action Plan vs. Reaction Plan ~ Ivan Turner


So what is an Action Plan? If it is important to the sustainability of a business, then why aren’t more businesses creating an Action Plan for their business? An Action Plan in its simplest form is a written plan of actions that MUST be implemented for a business to achieve its goals. Obviously, Action plans are born from the Strategic ... Read More »

Rug Construction as it Relates to Cleaning


Rug Construction as it Relates to Cleaning When rug experts and experienced rug cleaners begin discussing rug construction that may identify as rug as a Qum, Baluch or Bokhara, the cleaner who deals with relatively few rugs may feel over-whelmed and wonder why the details of how and where a rug was made are relevant to his cleaning process. Certainly ... Read More »

The Art of Performing a Great Hard Surface Demo


A previous two-part Main Page article addressed the importance of pre-inspecting hard surfaces before cleaning them and, with the aid of visuals, showed the steps to take to keep you out of trouble. The two-parts can be accessed here: Part 1: The Hard Facts About Hard Surface Cleaning Part 2: The 5-Steps Test Before Cleaning Hard Surfaces In this article ... Read More »

Surviving Cold Weather cleaning! A Survival guide and procedures to making a Living and Thriving in cold weather.

Saiger's Steam Clean Vans in the winter. A pretty common site.

My Family has been located in Northern Minnesota and North Dakota all our lives. We have been cleaning carpets in the many environments presented to us for many, many years.  I am a third generation cleaner, so cleaning in cold weather is just another day AT….I  mean OUT of the office.  If you want to eat and feed your families, ... Read More »

Waterless diamond maintenance polishing for fun and profit by Robert Falzone

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My last article dealt with the use of ‘real’ diamonds to polish stone floors. I put the word ‘real’ in quotes because I am referring  to the little hardened disks that are attached to the bottom of weighted plates and used with with 17″ or 20″ rotary machines to polish the stone floors. Whenever someone refers to ‘diamond polishing’ they ... Read More »

Red Wine Removal from Linen and Cotton by Jim Pemberton


Red Wine Removal from Linen and Cotton   A fine fabric specialist recently asked me how to remove red wine from both a white linen chair and white cotton couch.  (It must have been quite a party!) A supplier recommended a strong peroxide based stain remover that is designed for wool rugs.  While such a product may work on wool ... Read More »

The 5-Steps Test Before Cleaning Hard Surfaces


Sapphire Scientific The “Hard Facts” Hard Surface Cleaning Tips  Installment #2 By Bryan Thompson   In the first installment I outlined the importance of being able to properly identify the type of hard surface material you will be cleaning.  If your read that installment, you know that I stated that it’s absolutely essential to positively identify the flooring material, and ... Read More »

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