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Carpet Scrubbers 101

Carpet Scrubbers 101

  How To Choose The Right Scrubber For Carpet Care, And How To Make It Work For You Which scrubber will be best in a particular application? Sometimes there can be a bit of head scratching. There are a few styes of low moisture scrubbers. In the next few paragraphs I will briefly review 4 of the primary low moisture scrubbing machine ... Read More »

The Experience/Mikey’s Fest Pet Rescue Raffle prize list


The Experience/Mikey’s Fest “Adopt A Pet Resuce” Raffle prize List All ticket sales will go 100% to a local Pet Rescue society. Ticket prices 1 for $5.00 5 for $20 30 for $100 70 for $200 120 for $300 160 for $400 220 for $500 HOSS700 Rotary Extractor $3000 RX20 Rotary Extractor $3350 Rotovac 360XL Rotary Extractor $2500 20″ Brush Pro Counter Rotating Brush ... Read More »

Professional Carpet Protector Testing Implemented on Mikeys Board


A recent conversation started by Jim Pemberton on MB got me thinking.. If cleaners could see scientific proof that  Teflon or Scotchgard type fabric protectors really work, would they sell more of it? So I contacted Interlink whom I figured had the means to do  proper laboratory testing and who also manufacture one of the more popular products on MB. ... Read More »

Building an Empire ~ Rick Gelinas


Developing a cleaning and restoration business was not what Napoleon had in mind when the young man set out on his quest for world domination. And while there’s plenty of controversy surrounding the short man with an enormous ego – at the end of the day, no one can deny the fact that his conquests throughout Europe were expansive.  The ... Read More »

Making Content More Engaging-Ivan Turner


We’ve talked a lot about inbound marketing on this site before, and unquestionably, a big part of any good inbound marketing strategy is creating content by blogging. To recap, inbound marketing is where prospects and leads come to you. A blog is ideal for this purpose because there’s a good chance that your prospects are using the Internet to search ... Read More »

Bridgewater Acquires Carpet Cleaners Emporium in San Diego, Ca


    Salt Lake City, UT  31 October 2014 Bridgewater, LLC (aka Interlink Supply) is pleased to announce it has acquired the assets of Carpet Cleaners Emporium, Inc. (CCE) effective as of October 31, 2014. San Diego-based Carpet Cleaners Emporium was founded in 1991 by Lori and Dan Hanchett and has been a leading distributor in the cleaning and restoration ... Read More »

The Anatomy of a Successful Entrepreneur- Ivan Turner


In the sphere of business there are countless stories of success, wealth accumulation, financial freedom, life styles of the rich and famous and a life worth living that comes from outré entrepreneurs that appear to have the Midas touch. Once they have reached the zenith, their stories develop into an open book for all to embrace, disregard, or emulate. It’s ... Read More »

Action Plan vs. Reaction Plan ~ Ivan Turner


So what is an Action Plan? If it is important to the sustainability of a business, then why aren’t more businesses creating an Action Plan for their business? An Action Plan in its simplest form is a written plan of actions that MUST be implemented for a business to achieve its goals. Obviously, Action plans are born from the Strategic ... Read More »

Whiter than White!~ Jim Pemberton


I am often contacted by cleaners who are frustrated when their customer washes a cushion cover (after removing it from the cushion foam) in the wash and expecting them to match the results on the body of the furniture. This is especially difficult with off white fabrics made from natural fibers. The cushion will often look “whiter” because the fabric ... Read More »