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Carpet Scrubbers 101

Carpet Scrubbers 101

  How To Choose The Right Scrubber For Carpet Care, And How To Make It Work For You Which scrubber will be best in a particular application? Sometimes there can be a bit of head scratching. There are a few styes of low moisture scrubbers. In the next few paragraphs I will briefly review 4 of the primary low moisture scrubbing machine ... Read More »

The Experience/Mikey’s Fest Pet Rescue Raffle prize list


The Experience/Mikey’s Fest “Adopt A Pet Resuce” Raffle prize List All ticket sales will go 100% to a local Pet Rescue society. Ticket prices 1 for $5.00 5 for $20 30 for $100 70 for $200 120 for $300 160 for $400 220 for $500 HOSS700 Rotary Extractor $3000 RX20 Rotary Extractor $3350 Rotovac 360XL Rotary Extractor $2500 20″ Brush Pro Counter Rotating Brush ... Read More »

Don’t take it for granite… What are some processes that a carpet cleaner can use on granite to safely make money with as little drama as possible?

You can see it, but the floor is masked off as well.

This blog is especially written for a cleaner who occasionally does stone. I’m talking about someone with a truckmount or a portable, someone who has a 3 room special for carpet cleaning, someone who up-sells upholstery and tile when they can get it. Maybe there are some carpet cleaners out there who may occasionally polish marble or travertine with a 5x powder or a Spinergy diamond ... Read More »

Rick Aranda Hot Seat


Those who have spent a moment with The Rick knows he bleeds Carpet Cleaning. You can’t pay a guy enough to fake his t’ude. Let’s find out what makes him tick.. -Rick, aside from being a singer in a hard core punk band in the 80’s, what else did you do for kicks before getting sucked into our industry? I ... Read More »

A how to guide to changing your Butler Blower oil and Cat Water pump oil


A how to guide to changing your Butler Blower oil and Cat Water pump oil By Mark Saiger Saiger’s Steam Clean Grand Rapids, MN   Being a typical guy myself, I really hate reading instructions. I would rather see it being done vs reading the manual…….I have had a lot of requests the past few months asking that I make ... Read More »

Never drive your business without a GPS!


 Never drive your business without a GPS! And, this is why goals are important… If you do not know where you are going any road will take you there, fingers crossed. The same is true in our businesses to.  Everyday I see people in this business who appear to be going no where; only in circles seemingly confused. Few people ... Read More »

The 2015 Mikey’s Fest Agenda

mikeysfest logo jpg

For our 11th Annual “MF” I’ve put together a program of unique individuals comprising the greatest collection of speakers this industry has ever seen assembled in one event. Hosted by Jon Don’s Bill Yeadon! The best MC you could hope for. Never a dull moment as Bill adds great commentary and keeps the speakers moving with his cattle prod. 1st ... Read More »

The MB tour of the Sapphire Facility.


    I got to spend some time at the Sapphire plant in Prescott AZ this past week learning more about the company and it’s people. I took the opportunity to shoot this video that details how a “SS” unit is constructed from raw material to the final product.   If you have any interest at all in how a ... Read More »

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