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rotovac 360i For Sale

Only used for 2 hours

USD 2,000.00
360i with three port head and brush head, $2000 plus shipping


    1. Lyman
    2. Lyman
      $1500 shipped with the three port head in original box and paperwork with two extra felt seals.
    3. Lyman
      OK, lets try this out. $1800 plus shipping in US. Or come get it and try it out for $1800. I will only take a business check or personel check and ship it when the check clears. No funny business with money. This unit is 99.9% new.
    4. Lyman
      Anybody local that wants to drive and pick it up $1900. Johnstown ny 12095
    5. Papa John
      include shipping and ill take it.
      ill pay by PayPal $1000 deposit, $1000 once it arrives in working order.
      1. Lyman
        2000 check from your business, I will ship and insure for that amount. There is nothing wrong with this unit. Only used for two living rooms and 20x20 resteraunt carpet.
        Aug 18, 2017