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For you new guys..<br /> <br /> BB. Bulletin Board<br /> MB. Mikeys Board<br /> CF. Clean Fax<br /> ICS. Another dead magazine and BB<br /> FB. Facebook<br /> MF. Mikey&#039;s Fest<br /> MFE. Mikey&#039;s Fest Experience<br /> RA. Rob Allen<br /> RR. Rubber Room<br /> TWGCCF. the world&#039;s greatest carpet cleaning forum!<br /> <br /> <br /> TM. Truckmount<br /> TA. Traffic area<br /> TLC. Trafffic lane cleaner<br /> PS. Pre Spray<br /> HF. Hydroforce Sprayer<br /> QC. A pressure hose Quick Connect<br /> CC. Cool Cuffs<br /> CGD. Commercial Glue Down<br /> CRB. Counter Rotating Brush machine or method<br /> O2. Hydrogen Peroxide<br /> 175. Floor Machine/ scrubber/ swing machine/ shampooeR<br /> RE. Rotary Extractor<br /> OP. Oscillating Pad machine or method<br /> PTO. Power Take Off<br /> CDS. Clutch Driven System<br /> RX. Rx20 or generic term for an RE<br /> VS. Von Shrader<br /> POG. Portable Only Guy<br /> TI. Prochem Titanium wand<br /> RDM. Hydramaster&#039;s Rotary Drimaster RE<br /> EVO. US products plastic wand<br /> <br /> <br /> PC. Prochem<br /> SS. Sapphire Scientific<br /> JD. Jon Don<br /> MB. MasterBlend<br /> BP. Bridgepoint or Interlink<br /> HD. Home Depot<br /> HM. Hydramaster<br /> GG. Green Glides<br /> CD. Chem Dry<br /> JB. Joe Bristor<br /> EZ. Texas made truckmount<br /> ICE. Mytee Fest<br /> MW. Magic Wand<br /> IICRC. Good question..<br /> CC. Cleaning Classifieds<br /> WP. Westpak<br /> AT. Aerotech<br /> VAT. Vortex/ Aerotech big truck<br /> TCS. Atlanta based supplier and TM manufacturers<br /> JP. Joe Polish<br /> HP. Howard Partridge<br /> SFS. Strategies For Success seminar<br /> SM. Service Monster<br /> FMS. Fill My Schedule<br /> RV. RotoVac<br /> <br /> BD. Broke Dick carpet cleaner, also BDCC<br /> JMA. Jim Martin Approved<br /> MSA. Marty Sutley Approved<br /> MBA. Mikey&#039;s Board Approved<br /> SOA. Seal Of Approval<br /> CRI. Carpet and Rug Institute<br /> FCC. Fred Cordel<br /> OP. Original Poster/ thread starter<br /> DAT. Dumb Ass Thread<br /> DAP. Dumb Ass Post<br /> #5. Football Hemet.<br /> FOJL. f&#039;raid Of Jimmy Ladwigs

Bulletin Board Acronyms

Updated Sep 1, 2016
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Mikey P
For you new guys..

BB. Bulletin Board
MB. Mikeys Board
CF. Clean Fax
ICS. Another dead magazine and BB
FB. Facebook
MF. Mikey's Fest
MFE. Mikey's Fest Experience
RA. Rob Allen
RR. Rubber Room
TWGCCF. the world's greatest carpet cleaning forum!

TM. Truckmount
TA. Traffic area
TLC. Trafffic lane cleaner
PS. Pre Spray
HF. Hydroforce Sprayer
QC. A pressure hose Quick Connect
CC. Cool Cuffs
CGD. Commercial Glue Down
CRB. Counter Rotating Brush machine or method
O2. Hydrogen Peroxide
175. Floor Machine/ scrubber/ swing machine/ shampooeR
RE. Rotary Extractor
OP. Oscillating Pad machine or method
PTO. Power Take Off
CDS. Clutch Driven System
RX. Rx20 or generic term for an RE
VS. Von Shrader
POG. Portable Only Guy
TI. Prochem Titanium wand
RDM. Hydramaster's Rotary Drimaster RE
EVO. US products plastic wand

PC. Prochem
SS. Sapphire Scientific
JD. Jon Don
MB. MasterBlend
BP. Bridgepoint or Interlink
HD. Home Depot
HM. Hydramaster
GG. Green Glides
CD. Chem Dry
JB. Joe Bristor
EZ. Texas made truckmount
ICE. Mytee Fest
MW. Magic Wand
IICRC. Good question..
CC. Cleaning Classifieds
WP. Westpak
AT. Aerotech
VAT. Vortex/ Aerotech big truck
TCS. Atlanta based supplier and TM manufacturers
JP. Joe Polish
HP. Howard Partridge
SFS. Strategies For Success seminar
SM. Service Monster
FMS. Fill My Schedule
RV. RotoVac

BD. Broke Dick carpet cleaner, also BDCC
JMA. Jim Martin Approved
MSA. Marty Sutley Approved
MBA. Mikey's Board Approved
SOA. Seal Of Approval
CRI. Carpet and Rug Institute
FCC. Fred Cordel
OP. Original Poster/ thread starter
DAT. Dumb Ass Thread
DAP. Dumb Ass Post
#5. Football Hemet.
FOJL. f'raid Of Jimmy Ladwigs
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