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    Oct 6, 2006
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    Mike Pay-oh-tay
    Thanks to these very generous donations from the best of the best in our industry we have raised the following amount:


    1. Seal A Door- $335 Fred Boyle
    2. IPS Sprayer-$190 Rich Bowen
    3. interlink IICRC class -$135- Lee Stockwell
    4. interlink IICRC class- $125 Derek Luke
    5. Excellent Supply 21" Microbeast bonnets- $66- Lee Stockwell
    6. Excellent Supply case of Release DS2- $120- Lee Stockwell
    7. Colorful Carpets Class- $750- Justin Foulk
    8. Cleanpro Supply- Shorebest Cleaner- $125- Paul B
    9. Butler Systems- Filter box- $550- Brian Brooks
    10. Saiger Sauce Blue Flame Pack (3) $375- Lee Stockwells and Sam Miller
    11. Butler Systems Chem Sampler
    12. Harvard CitraZov
    13. Rotovac 360XL

    Please contact me if you have an item or service you would like to donate to the cause..

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