The Art of Scaling a Service Business

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By Ivan Turner on Aug 6, 2017 at 8:11 PM
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    The post started by Mike titled - According to Ray Crock.., hamburger joints sure, But carpet cleaning?

    This got me to thinking that more could be shared. Mark and Chavez both gave excellent advice about scaling to a second truck as well as great advise from others.

    Here is my perspective - to scale any business is a difficult undertaking. To successfully scale you must have an intimate understanding of the 3 fundamental systems that are prerequisites of scaling.

    Lead Generation
    Lead Conversion
    Client Fulfillment

    Each of these three key factors must be understood, then comes the mastering of each followed by the systemization of each category. At first glance, Lead generation would appear to be the most important category to Master. The truth is that Client Fulfillment is the most important category and should be the first to be Mastered followed by systemization. The client fulfillment system will include dozens or more processes within the system that allow your business to deliver a "Knock your sock off" customer services experience that is unparalleled by others. It is this set of processes that will serve as the foundation for your lead generation and lead conversion systems.

    A well thought out and successfully tested system will allow any service business owner the opportunity to position themselves as opposed to being positioned by others and in business positioning is everything.

    For example - while many won't admit it as the truth, Stanley Steemer has been highly successful at positioning others to base their pricing structure at 3 rooms for $99.00. While we all know that Stanley never leaves a home with just $99, their secret, or I should say system is that they have mastered lead conversion, whereby taking the initial 3 rooms for $99.00 and parlaying or converting it into a $1,000 - $2,000 per day per truck model. For the independent that has been positioned at 3 rooms for $99.00 and lacks a Client fulfillment system and lead conversion system, scaling the business becomes an almost insurmountable mountain to climb, due to the lack of financial resources.

    Everyday I hear or read of business owners from about every type of business space talking about The E-Myth and their understanding of the importance of having systems for their business. Yet, few will take the time and devote the hard work that is required in systemizing their business following Michael Gerber's teachings.

    I have had the pleasure of serving along with a few others as a Director of the Michael Gerber Elite Team, which has the sole purpose of locating men and women from every type of business sector who have taken systemizing to the highest possible level and scaled their respective businesses beyond measure that have an interest in co-authoring a book with Michael.

    I only make reference to this because each and everyone that I have brought into conference with Michael has been fanatical about systems!

    For the sake of brevity and to appease the Alabama Sow, I will close with this;

    If you are wanting scale your business to 2 trucks, or to a fleet of 20, reach out to Chavez, Tom King, Mark, Howard Partridge and countless others in here who have already been there and done that. Hop a plane if you must and visit their operations to see first hand how their systems work.



Discussion in 'Lets talk Business!' started by Ivan Turner, Aug 6, 2017.

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