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OK BOb.. Your turn on the MB Hot Seat. You sort of came out of nowhere and have become a respectable elder here. There must be more to it than that dashing head of white hair and your good taste in music. here we go..
  • You started in this racket, how?
  • What is the current state of your business today
  • and it will be where in five years?
  • How did you find MB and what does it...
Those who have spent a moment with The Rick knows he bleeds Carpet Cleaning. You can’t pay a guy enough to fake his t’ude. Let’s find out what makes him tick.. -Rick, aside from being a singer in a hard core punk band in the 80’s, what else did you do for kicks before getting sucked into our industry? I was a crew chief on F-16 fighters in the USAF. I worked as an A and P...
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