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Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Voice Over Specialist

The rise of virtual casinos and online games is a testimony of the fact that players prefer human interaction.  And what’s a better way to humanize your casino than letting it talk in a human voice? That’s where voice over artists come into the picture.

You can use voice-overs both in your online and offline casino. But how do you select an artist to work with? A simple Google search returns dozens of VO websites in its results page. In this guide, we’ll list some of the characteristics you should look for when profiling a VO artist for your casino.

Male or Female?

If you think that both a male and female are suitable for a particular voice-over job and the gender didn’t matter, then you’re mistaken. Studies have shown that male voice-overs are significantly different than female voice-overs, and one gender is better suited for a particular scenario than the other.

One research conducted by ConversionXL concluded that female voice overs conveyed trustworthiness. Also, female VO was attractive than males’. Similarly, another study showed male voice-overs signified authority, factual, and forcefulness. 

There’s also a thing called Voiceover stereotypes. That’s why you’d hear a female voice when you see an ad for cleaning products. And for DIY or beer ads, male voiceovers are used.

Therefore, you need to decide what the role of your voiceover is and then decide which gender you’d be hiring.

Clarity and Accent

The next thing to look at is clarity. How bright the voice of the person is, and is it discernible? Usually, pro voice over artists have an excellent voice, while others claim they do, but unfortunately don’t. So you need to gauge how clear the actor is speaking that’d be considered ideal for your casino. It’s advised to get feedback from some of your casino employees before you finalize them.

Besides clarity, you should also examine the accent. There are so many accents in the world, and every region seemingly has its own, even if the language is the same. For example, there’s American English, British English, and Australian English. Indian accent differs from Russian and Brazilian, and so on. So if you’re an American operator and your customers are primarily American, then it makes sense to hire American accented VO artists.


Consistency refers to how well a VO actor can deliver the requirements consistently, at the same time, with the same enthusiasm. This is important because you’re probably going to work with him for the long term.

In the process, you’re going to have a lot of recordings for your casino. So if it isn’t consistent, your customers will think they’re listening to a different person every time they interact with your casino. This can delay the process of trust-building. So a voice over artist should be consistent in his delivery.

Experience in the Industry

The voice-over artists should preferably have experience in the casino or hospitality sector. This is because the hospitality sector has to be customer-centric to survive. If the customer is unhappy with anything, then there are plenty of other options to choose from.

So, if a VO artist has worked with a casino or hotel chain, then he’d understand how to use powerful words and in what way to influence the person through his voice.

Experience in the casino industry also would mean that you don’t have to start from scratch. The artist will have a gist of what is expected of him or her. So if you’re working on a tight deadline, you should go for experienced folks.

Potential and Versatility

While experience in the casino sector is a good thing, it shouldn’t be mandatory. It should always be an added advantage. It would be best if you work with people not based on what they’ve done, but based on what they can do for your casino.

Since a voice-over job requires different voices for different scenarios, your artist should be adaptable. So if you ask him for a friendly greeting message, he should be up for it. And in the evening, if you ask for an authoritative warning recording, he should be able to do that as well.


Finally, you should look at the pricing structure. What you’re willing to offer and what the artist is demanding. The less difference between the two, the better it is. You should expect high charges from VO artists who are professional, have a studio set up, and are experienced. But if they’re out of your budget, then you possibly can’t work with them.

 So, if you are a new online casino get estimated quotes from the artists you interview before finalizing them.

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