1. A

    Encap virgin …

    Has questions. Be gentle, its my first time … I am bidding a small school that my predecessor did for a few years before selling me the business. It is a total of about 25k square feet. He HWE it every time and said it took his around 7 days total with and RX20, a wand, and a helper. I...
  2. Mikey P

    What do you use your CRB for? POLL

  3. encapman

    Mikey's Fest Presentation - Don't miss this one :-)

    I’ve spent a lot of time working on this presentation for Saturday. I think you guys are gonna like it. Here are a few of the high points: 1. Trends in floor covering sales, and how it affects our industry. 2. How to generate more profit with commercial carpet care. 3. How different encap...
  4. Patrick Lanyon

    Greyber Cellular shears/blinds

    I was attempting a Grayber brand cellular blind cleaning using Steamway upholstery cleaning products 1/ uphol prespray w/fiber refresh, then olefinplus, then encap product mistnbrush, then solvents. Nothing worked well, and we got only about 25-35% success. I did not try enzymes, but it seems...
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