Auction Assorted Case of Grey Matter Chemistry (Silver Solution) Products


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Jul 13, 2011
Auction includes:
  • Four quarts Silver Solution
  • One 5lb container of Lightning Carpet and Tile Pre-spray whith O2
  • One 5lb container or Thunder Pre-spray/Alkaline Rinse/VLM
  • One gallon of Storm Acid rinse/Acid Grout Cleaner
  • Two Packets Obliterate (Lemon Scent)
  • Two Packets Obliterate (Unscented)

20211021_230945 (2).jpg
Thunder is in all purpose pree spray As well as an alkaline rinse it can be used for VLM nice middle of the road pH sitting around 8.5 It's incredibly versatile and can be used with silver solution

Lightning has the characteristics of a heavy hitter but yet is safe for staying master carpet is able to out clean many cleaners that have a very high pH it has both oxygen and solvents It also can be used with the purpose of VLM
And it works terrific as a tile and grout cleaner.

Storm is an acid rinse that is able to also be used for cleaning grout lines it prevents future erosion of grout as well as it has a unique ability to be used with VLM to neutralize alkaline cake carpet.

Silver Solution is an ultra unique encapsulation product that is able to be used in almost all situations It uses fluorocarbon-based technology so it never has an issue handling heavy soil no matter what the condition It has the ability to encapsulate those problem jobs that may have wicking issues and prevents future recoiling It can be used for both low moisture cleaning as well as hot water extraction It may also be used in succession with thunder lightning and storm

Obliterate is a CLO2 based odor remover It uses full embodiment technology with Flora carbons that allows it to be able to stable for up to 2 years after mixing comes in a pre-measured 30 g packet

$300+ Retail Value
Minimum starting bid $140
$2 minimum bid increment
FREE shipping to L48

Auction ends Wednesday November 24th at 9PM EST/ 6PM PST

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