Debit card info stolen AGAIN!

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Feb 4, 2016
It's so annoying. It seems like every other month my debit card info gets stolen and I need a new card issued. Maybe it's too many trips through the Wendy's drive thru. I was told by a customer that the Asian Buffet that I love so much was suspected of stealing card info. :( Nope, That won't stop me from eating there. I love their hot mustard and stuffed mushrooms too much.

Anyway, last night at about 11:30 pm I got a text alert from my bank wanting me to confirm three transactions. I logged in and sure enough, there was a fraudulent transaction for dating site. Last time it was an $800 transaction for a HomeDepot in Texas and the time before that it was $1200 in a Georgia Walmart.

I'm glad I have a full tank of gas in my van because I don't have a working card today.

Oct 8, 2006
Bynum N.C.
I've had mine stolen quite a few times. Once a skimmer got it at a gas station. A car pulled up beside me and he never got gas and he drove off. The next day I had several charges. A Dairy Queen employee in S.C. stole it once. The charges started at that Dairy Queen and they travelled south to Atlanta living it up on my card, even playing a round of golf.

Two nights ago we ate at the Awful Waffle and this morning there was something ordered from Best Buy on my card. The charge was 2 hours after we ate. No surprise with the shady crowd of young people who were working with no adult supervision. From now on I'm just using cash.

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