Father’s Day

So, you’re just crabby. 2 of my kids, 4 grandkids, and one great grandkid
at my house. Gave my bass tracker boat to my oldest grandkid so they come to get it. Happy Father’s Day to them.
I know, me either. But these live in Arkansas and they can’t just come get what they want and never bring it back, or bring it back just so I can store it.

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I painted the paddle boat today; my grandson will come for a week on the 25th.

Granddaughter is in training to defend her title, or she’d come too. I think I’ll take the week off and teach the boy how to build a fire, cultivate the garden and maybe, to shoot.


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Hope you gents had a good day. We made a weekend out of it. Friday the boy and I went go kart racing, putt putting and hit the batting cages. Both came home with blisters galore from batting. I havent been to the cages for probably 15 years. Between the two of us there were over 600 pitches.

Saturday we went to the lake for fishing and cruised over by where @Chris A and Steph had their boat then went on by Cedar Point.

Yesterday we did a cook out at my house.

All in all great weekend and much needed downtime.



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Shoulda called me dood!
I would have man but we got into the water late around 4:30 and then went to dinner at Thirsty Pony because Quaker Stop was packed and didn't want to take the 45 mins to get to Crabby Joes or something else around there. Then we got thumped by the coast guard coming through the Cedar Point Causeway bridge trying to hurry through a little before another boat on the other side. No wake zone.....doh! We barely made it back in before it was pitch black.

Think we're shopping for a new dock after this year. Ours has a pool and they told us they didn't plan on filling it any time soon and they've not done any repairs they were suppose to.
We're at NE Port on Catawba, it's $1750 for a 40 foot dock and has a pool. We have a group of 6 boats that are all friends and kids ranging from 1-10 years old. We like it a lot