Getting to know *** Torrey


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I had never seen this thread before. I went back and read the whole thing, trying to discern specifically what Torrey did to incur Fred's wrath, but apparently without the secret decoder ring I don't quite comprehend.

Torrey did not receive Fred's wrath. I just expressed my opinion based on what I see/hear from that clique. You may be right about needing the decoder ring though.

Mikey P

I think most veterans can read this situation pretty clearly.
Torrey/Ross are a couple of naive mid-westerners being manipulated.

Didn't realize Kip was no longer in the industry, kinda weird to me he is still hanging around then.

Torrey, fence is not a consultant.... He builds websites for easy nichee services like carpet repair and then takes 20-40% of the revenue.
Sometimes i just want to shake some sense into these people.

ding ding!

and Kip will come back with a "I'm just a giver" response.

You've seen that wife of his..

"Honey, are you coming to bed?"

Not now Shawna, I'm too busy "giving" on the internet...:oldrolleyes:

Torrey, just remember, I'm never wrong when it comes to calling this stuff.

Those two boys are all about monetizing. Which is perfectly fine, but be honest about it, otherwise you look like a real Rob when it all comes out in the wash.

Shane Deubell

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The whole thing is hilarious to me.

Everyone was accusing me of creating conspiracy theories about those dudes and then sure enough...
They dropped a bomb on rob, just like i always said.