Golden Knights vs. the Golden Jet

Ya might wanna make sure there's beer in the fridge, maybe get a plate of nachos going, crawl into that lazy boy and get ready for one of the best games of the playoffs. Winnipeg is Jetting in Nevada and about to wipe the Knights chins as their jaws drop in awe. Hope your lazy boy has seatbelts.
Not looking good so far, Winnipeg might need to strap some jet paks on their skates. Great introduction to the game by Vegas. Very dramatic. They really know how to do things right.
Well it's looking like it's all over but for the crying in your beer. Mikey stop crying, your team is winning. Winnipeg's down 3 games to 1. Can they come back? You never know, Philly's done it Vancouver's done it. It will be a miracle if Winnipeg can do it. All the same, it's been a very entertaining series.
All the same, it's been a very entertaining series.
At least the first game was!:rockon:

I like it when the Canadian teams win/do well it's good for the game, imo. The other day I read last time team from Canada won was 1998. I believe Tampa is the only team that's won a cup before, anyone but them, jets or vegas hopefully.
Well, that's all she wrote for Winnipeg. Gotta admire those Golden Knights. Made up from rejects from other teams, they prove there are no bad players in the NHL, only those who lack opportunities. Looking forward to what they can do against the Eastern Conference. I think they're going to win the cup. History in the making.
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