Been reading more about dobsonfly, they are good indicator that there is safe and clean water nearby. They are extremely sensitive to the ph of water and it must be clean, or you will not find them. Purer the water, the bigger they can get depending on species such as the one Fred showed us.
Ok....i believe you guys have nailed this down for me....
Wth have i been never having seen this she bat creature from hell....
Is this the pestilence i learned about while tied to that damnable chair...?

WHATS NEXT.....is Mikey gonna breathe fire and sh*t brimstone. ..?
Well he already wolfed down one of them jalapeno pizzas.
but just on YOU
expect an invasion of frogs next
after that, a meteor (Wormwood) will be smashing into YOUR house while Joan's at bingo

bedder change your ways QUICK …….

Larr....i already HAVE. ....once i learnt you don know squat about painting. ...i look at you in a different light....:(-