Mikey Fest in Beijing n the Great Wall

Papa John

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A MF T-shirt that is:

This part of the wall is the most difficult to hike/climb. Our tour guide warned us to be careful because 3 people died last month trying to hike it. I was the only one from our tour group to succeed. I thought about giving up, but my determination to plant the MF T-shirt on the top/end keeped me motivated to succeed. :rockon: View attachment 20180629_112848.jpg
That.... Is absolutely the best ever! :rockon:

That shirt started in Grand Rapids MN :)

I have to share this with the people who also helped us make those.

Absolutely fantastic way to start the day :)
She has no need to-- I enjoy making her happy.
She is a dear, sweet wife who understands the different roles between man and woman.
She is not materialistic.

was she born/raised here or Asia, John ?
if Asia, city or village raised?

Is she Ti, Chinese, or other??

and do you /she get grief being a bi-racial couple?

just curious about tht kind of stuff


Papa John

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Born and raised in Thailand,
She isn't an "Americanized woman"-- meaning she doesn't try to control the relationship.

Early on-- she informed me that---
Taking care of my needs and making sure I am comfortable and happy are her responsibilities.
Providing for and protecting the family are my responsibilities.
We both are lucky to have found each other.

Grief for being bi-racial---- LOL--- that's seems to be the norm in SF and the goal of many Thai women.
I seem to have the respect of the villagers' because I "lower myself" to do manual labor like fixing the road, picking up trash or riding a bicycle instead of a car.
I am Humble and Quiet.

Papa John

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Originally at a bar---
but got to know her better when one of her friend's invited me on a religious hike.
She was shocked that I wanted to join them. She thought that it would be too difficult for me.
I might be short-- but I have a lot of heart and determination.
She was impressed that I want to learn more about the Thai culture, so she invited me to her farm.
again- this impressed her.
I was impressed by her parents-- I told her-- I married hear because she had good parents.