My neighbors


I live right next door to the crypt. I'm at 1504 bond. Walked into the crypt for the first time a week ago.

Since this has been shared on Facebook there is a lot more traffic and people stopping to look. Some are even going up to the mansion and bothering the owner.

Pretty interesting story though. Some believe there is a tunnel from the house to the cemetery but I doubt it.
I was on cq and checking the arms room at 3 am. Saw some other stuff but never told anyone. But a couple weeks before leaving a few guys were telling stories about what others saw and described to a tee what I experienced.

Then the house my girls grew up in had ghost too. Running and stomping upstairs when nobody else was home. Room being rearranged in minutes after walking out. Clothes flying off hangers in the closet at my oldest daughters boyfriend.

I've seen a lot of chit I can't explain.