Parking your work vehicle considerations, please comment

Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Am I missing anything here?

    1. Layout of job
      1. Parking the work vehicle.
    1. Logistical concerns when deciding on where to park your vehicle:
      1. Who owns the parking space?
      2. Is it legal to park there for an extended period of time?
      3. Will parking permits or legal permission be required?
      4. Do you have enough vacuum and pressure hose on board,or will you need to bring extra?
      5. Are there any elevators needing to be used? Do you need special access granted?
      6. Will you need to hook up to a water supply? Will you need to bring extra hose to reach the faucet?
      7. Will you need any special permission or faucet water keys or adaptors to gain access?
      8. Are there sprinklers that may turn on during your visit and create access or moisture issues with your vehicle and equipment?
      9. Are there condominium or apartment complex ordinances to be considered?
      10. Will you need to move your vehicle in order to drain the waste tank? Can your parking spot be saved while doing so?
      11. Will the home or business owner, family members or employees need to move vehicles that you are blocking? Can the vehicles be moved before you start working?
      12. Is the space as level as possible?.Truckmounts should not be operated at extreme angles in any direction.
      13. If using electric extraction equipment, is there nearby access to sufficient power/amperage?

    1. Health and Safety concerns when deciding on where to park your vehicle
      1. Will the vehicle or truckmount exhaust create any health or safety issues?
      Do NOT operate and internal combustion engines in enclosed commercial or residential parking garages. Carbon Monoxide poisoning can and will occur.
    Be sure to park your vehicle so that all exhaust sources are pointed away from the home or building’s doors and windows.

    1. Will neighbors, landscaping or surrounding areas be affected by the heat or exhaust from the vehicle or cleaning unit? Plants and grass are easily burned from either exhaust source.
    2. Will safety cones or signage be needed?
    3. If your hoses cross a public thoroughfare or sidewalk, will access ramps be mandated by local laws?
    4. Will the noise involved be an issue for neighbors? Are there any noise level or time ordinances to be abided to?
    5. Is there a safe and legal place to drain your waste tank nearby? Know your local laws on where you can dump your wastewater.

    6. Will there be any snow or ice obstructions or slip and fall concerns?
    7. Can you run your (hot) pressure hoses to the project without creating tripping hazards or causing harm to landscaping?
    8. If running hoses over landscaping will there be any pesticides/ herbicides to come in contact with?
    9. If working at night, will there be sufficient lighting?


The Timminator
Feb 4, 2016
Matt w.
Keep the apartment tenants away

Jun 20, 2016
Jeff T
We park ANYWHERE it’s most convenient for us.

We use mini cones to cordon off our work area. ( we carry 12 cones).

NEVER had an issue in 13 years…
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