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Aug 19, 2013
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John Stewart
No, these extender benders are just for the AW1 through 29 which includes a many Tony Dangs and a wespack knockoff
🤔 My Tony Dangs swivel stair tool must be an AW then. That might be the wand with poor aim.
But the swivel is so wobbly now. Not sure I will be using it much longer.
I like my Evo stair tool. It's better than I expected.


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Jul 13, 2011
Ifan you were in my shoes. You would know that would they withhold a various yard sticks, tape measures and matchbooks 6 in away from the glide and say well this work?

I need to dumb it down and say if your wand head is a thickness of five dimes order this one. If it's the thickness of 6 dimes then order this one..

But I'm not sure what kind of coins the dumbasses in Australia, England and Canada uses. So maybe you can help me out there...

when you get down to a 1/16th" difference you're probably never going to get reliable results from folks no matter what you use...except maybe calipers
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