Sally's/Vol 40/H2O2 - how do you use it?


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Nov 2, 2007
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I had a soldier bring a rug to the shop with a very dark yellow pee spot on it. Hand made Afgan, dark green, gold and black. I told him I would have to do drastic measures and he was ok with that. Sprayed 40 vol. on it and let it sit all day. Almost no change. It may have lightened a little. Then I hit it again with fresh 40 vol. followed by a spray of ammonia. Next morning, almost perfect. Did it again and by the end of day it was gone. Not 1 bit of color loss of the rug. No more stain magic for me. I've wasted so much money on that stuff and never got good results. That goes for stain1 and stain zone. Never have seen any carpet police in the area. I'll take my chances.

I think the color loss may not be the main issue when you do a treatment like you described. I would say the fiber breaking down from the repeated use of the ammonia and peroxide is what I would be worried about.

Maybe its ok right now but in a few weeks or months it could start falling apart. Hopefully it won't...otherwise you could have the soldier bring it with missing yarns in the area of the treatment.
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Jul 13, 2011
I just can't believe this site is still (mostly) working....although the other two locations are down

that isn't Richard in the pic so I assume it sold
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