Super Grout Additive to the rescue

Two of these, some tile floors, kitchen counters and coming back to install Super Grout in the floor to tub joint.


You shower guys should try this stuff if you havent yet..



Jason, your system sounds slick. But I think back on the response you gave on using the color swatch cards to match the desired color will be close but no cigar due to the fact that once a grout dries it typically lightens significantly. Due to the fact that your epoxy resin will have the effect of darkening the powdery grout to that wet stage, you would get if using water but in the case of your resin the color after curing will stay deeper while a water-cured cementitious grout would lighten after dried. Perhaps the shift is only more significant in darker colors and not so much on lighter ones. let me know your feedback on this. I'll be getting your product to see if I like it for stain proofing shower zones. I'm a proponent of color sealing grout but in wet zones, hydrostatic pressure can sluff off the bond due to laden residues that can't be removed.