The ONLY way to do an estimate.

You be careful.

Saturday one of my son's coworkers didn't see a bike and turned right in front of him. His bike ran into the side of their truck and he was thrown to the asphalt. He died last night.

The biker didn't do anything wrong. He was just out for a drive around the lake. The truck driver just never saw him. He didn't even know what hit the truck until he got out.

Fun is fun but not if you don't walk away. Be very careful Damon!


I put many thousands of miles on my Aprilia RSVR1000 and GSXR1000. Got in a bad wreck that wasnt my fault or avoidable, another biker hit me from behind trying to pass me in a corner. I remember hearing his bike and then the rest is a blank and parts of it feel like it was a weird dream. Bike ended up 50ft away from me and I slid about 60ft from where he hit me.

Love motorcycles but I dont like putting my life in the hands of people who are playing with facebook on their phones, or dumb teenagers, or old people...

spent a lot of time on the race track after the accident but I cant sit in riding position more than an hr now so I quit about 6 years ago. Still miss it sometimes