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Jul 13, 2011
Auction includes:
  • One case of 4 x 6.5 pound tubs Saiger's Sauce 1 - Bring on the Blue!" ($152.58 Retail Value)
  • One Case of 4 x 1 gallon Saiger's Eloquence for Upholstery, Fine Fabrics & Wool Pre-Spray-Cleaner ($110.16 Retail value)
  • Two one Gallon jugs of Saiger's Mango Burst Scentsation Deodorizer ($45.90 Retail Value)

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Saiger Sauce 1

From 4 generations of Saiger family cleaners, we bring you Saiger Sauce 1”. The highest quality, very economical, multi use prespray you can buy. A unique product created by 50 plus years of cleaning experience and passion, astute observation and testing in real world cleaning situations. A “one product” to help with most of your professional cleaning needs on carpet, tile and grout, synthetic rugs and garage floors, stone patios etc. Gentle enough to be your everyday pre spray or your Blue Bullet on greasy commercial work.

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Eloquence Upholstery, Fine Fabrics & Wool Pre-Spray

  • Wool friendly
  • pH: 7-8
  • Variable dilution ratios
  • Pleasant fresh light scent
  • Safe for fine fabrics, wool & upholstery
  • Will help to brighten fabrics and wool
  • Proprietary cleaning formula field tested by generations of family cleaning specialist
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Mango Burst Scentsation
The Burst of Exotic Mango with a hint of Juicy Orange and fresh Pineapple splash your senses with the new Saiger’s Sauce “Mango Burst Scentsation” Deodorizer! This water-soluble deodorizer is a great additive to your cleaning solutions or an after spray for a delightful tropical experience! Packed full of malodor counteractants, it helps neutralize those nasty odors, or a nice way to complete your clients total cleaning experience.

Total retail value $308.64
Free shipping to the lower 48 states
Starting bid $140
Minimum bid increment $2

Auction ends Tuesday 9/14 at 9pm EST/6PM PST

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