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Jul 13, 2011
This is the total chemistry package - a little bit of everything!

With the Professor's Lab Bundle you get:
- 1 gallon of Silver Solution
- 1 pail of Thunder Pre-spray / Alkaline Rinse
- 1 pail of Lightning Pre-spray
- 1 gallon of Storm Acid Rinse
- 2 packets of Obliterate Deep Odor Remover
and with the added gallon of Obliterate Liquid Formula, you've got it all!

silver solution.jpg
Silver Solution is a versatile cleaning product that out-cleans many others that are far more harsh. It is Woolsafe approved and Next Generation safe. Designed for fibers and fabrics, Silver Solution is also effective in many cleaning situations. Anything that can tolerate water is safe to apply Silver Solution, and new uses are continually being discovered.

Thunder is an all purpose Hot Water Extraction and VLM/pad cap cleaner that can also be used as an Alkaline rinse. Thunder is 4 times more concentrated than competing products. It leaves no sticky residue behind and is free rinsing.

Lightning is a Hot Water Extraction and VLM/pad encap cleaner for heavier soiled environments. Lightning is 4 times more concentrated than competing products. It leaves no sticky residue behind and is free rinsing. Lightning is a great choice when you need a safe heavy hitter.

Storm is an advanced generation formula acid rinse that meets or exceeds specifications for Acid Dye Resistant Carpets. Storm can also be used on tile and grout and is excellent for browning treatment.

Obliterate deep.jpg
Obliterate is a powerful odor eliminator. It uses stabilized CLO2 to destroy the root cause of odors through powerful oxidation without harming the carpet or upholstery or other surfaces. It is safe to use in conjunction with Silver Solution. Is effective at removing any nasty smell including urine, feces, vomit, skunk, residual pet odor, rancid food, cigarette smoke, marijuana, and more.

Obliterate Liquid Formula Deep Odor Remover is the more powerful, next generation, big brother to the Obliterate powdered formula you know and love in an improved new and easier to use liquid formula.

- Professional Strength
- Distinctive Lemon Scent
- Non soil attracting residue
- Excellent for use on stain resistant carpets

Retail value $288
Free shipping to lower 48

Starting bid $188
Minimum bid increment $2

Auction ends November 16th at 9PM EST/ 6PM PST

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