The Vegetarian Thread.


Mikey P

Things got a bit heated and ugly last night when a vacuum thread got side railed into a debate about being a Vegetarian.

I was an easy convert at the age of 17 when punk rock exposed me to the horror and reality of factory farming. So many ways to get your protein that does not involve torture.

I'll go out on a limb and say at least 70% of pet owners in the US could not butcher their own meat. Could you?

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Yes. I could (have) kill, process, and store my own meat.

but I've been a vegetarian for over 5 years now. I won't tell anyone why they should be but I'll tell why I am.

Meat is completely unnecessary in my diet with so many readily available plant based protein sources. What this means is that the only reason for me to eat meat is because I enjoy it. If that is the only reason then animals are grown and tortured simply for my enjoyment. That is animal abuse by proxy imo.

Not only are the animals tortured for my enjoyment but the environment gets fooked up in the process. So now I'm torturing animals AND destroying the environment for no other reason than I enjoy it. That just makes me a selfish asshole.

Obviously , having been an omnivore for 35+ years, I didn't always think this way. I grew up meat and three and I've even argued against those sissy vegans on many occasions. The idea of factory farms bothered me even back then but it seemed a necessary evil. Examining my own arguments and gradually eating less and less meat helped me realize what bs that was.

It didn't happen all at once.

I had already stopped eating meat at every meal mainly due to the rising cost. Not because we were super poor but it added a substantial amount to the grocery bill when we were just as happy with no meat meals. It seemed almost as stupid as cigarettes and we were eating meat out of habit and nostalgia more than desire. I was eating a shitload of my money.

Around the same time my daughter said she wanted to be a vegetarian. In an effort to show her that wasn't just eating snacks and shit I researched and tried it with her. She decided she still liked fried chicken too much to quit (for now), my wife became 96% veg over time, and I haven't eaten any meat since. Not once have I craved any either.

I had also been trying to do something every year to get healthier/improve myself like quitting cigs, losing weight, etc. This all hit about the time I needed a new thing. Not only do I not eat meat but I try not to eat bad shit in general like fried foods, stuff with 10 year expiration dates, drinking to excess, etc.

I had ZERO issues caused by not eating meat. All my numbers improved and there were no "withdrawal symptoms". It was completely unnecessary.

Lastly I really don't give a fvck anymore about the "appearance" of manliness or toughness. Eating more meat doesn't make you manlier. Well actually I guess in a way it does. After all, what is more manly than heart disease the leading cause of death in men? My own experience/anecdotal evidence tells me that while I may not live longer the end of my days are likely to be enjoyed more and I didn't really give up anything to make it happen.
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You're probably right. As far as most people are concerned, meat comes from the grocery store wrapped in neat little packages. The majority of our meat is produced under less than humane conditions. Although many of us are aware of it, we choose to ignore it just as we ignore commercials about starving kids in Biafra.
Stealhead is my choice meat. I agree eating too much animal protein especially pork slows people down a lot more than they think. So much harder for your body to process.
I don't know if I will ever become a complete vegetarian but have been easing off the meats and looking for different proteins. Been on a little of a health kick lately and have never felt better. Lunch at my salad restaurant consist of a spinach salad over quinoa with pecans, currants and chickpeas. Believe it or not, it is tasty and quite filling.

Mikey P

Oh and @Mikey P is the worst person to go to for advice about becoming a vegetarian. I tried picking his brain and all I really came away with was he "eats a lot of mexican"

Oh shut up, I told you all about the multitudes of tofu turkey, falafel, legume combining to create protien, Brewers yeast sauce etc and etc...


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Oh shut up, I told you all about the multitudes of tofu turkey, falafel, legume combining to create protien, Brewers yeast sauce etc and etc... said "I eat a lot of mexican"

besides legume combining to create complete proteins is largely unnecessary...........and you certainly didn't introduce a southerner to beans and rice


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and tofurky sucks .....they do make a good gravy though
and I'll eat dirt to get B12 before yeast/vegemite (it isnt that bad but....)
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I don’t hate vegetarians. I do shoot and process my own venison. But I actually respect someone who loves animals and won’t eat them. Or if they believe it is a healthy way to live.
Both of my kids have helped me process deer. Because I think it’s important for them to know that a living thing died for our food. I don’t go Ted Nugent “spirit of the wild” crazy about it, but I want them to know what eating meat involves. I’m not against eating meat. But I think if you raised and slaughtered the animals you ate ,it would me most people would eat less. And be less wasteful when they did.
When my kids order too many nuggets and can’t finish them, or put to much food on their plate at a buffet,they know it’s wasting that animals life.
In a full moon I've been know to attack my dinner and eat it raw. :winky:

It wouldn't bother me to kill it. Just strap it down and run it over with my jeep. :biggrin:

No I couldn't kill and slaughter a cow or pig. I do kill skunks and opossums when they become a nuisance. Shot at few Coyotes but never hit one yet. :redface:
I have a Jack LaLanne Juicer that I use almost everyday. I like fish and sea food...lots of rice. I could live without red meat and actually like tofu. We eat a lot of Mexican food too.

Opossums eat ticks...actually a clean animal and good to have on your property.