There's lots going on in this photo, what do you see??

Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
So I said elsewhere. I help my son move out today and it's a very bitter sweet moment but ultimately the fantastic move for his future.
The house won't feel the same without him.

I don't really feel like typing out what's going on with that floor tonight so I'm going to type a talk it and you idiot so just going to have to figure it out what you see there is a blue stone tile that was installed and immediately steam clean to remove the sealer haze and then sealed with a very expensive silane type penetrative sealer which plug the stones natural ability to breathe. So if you look just a bit northwest of the heat register you will see the splotching that caused the concern that had a carpet cleaner come back under the recommendation of the sealer company to just rinse it with water. The dark spots down below are just water drips. If you look close, you will see that he used the Ford jet hard surface one with too much pressure and hopefully not, but probably etched the very soft blue stone. Now there's 100 different things. They could try to remedy the situation, but the most logical would be to let it dry and see what happens when the humidity and the effect of winter and more than likely being over cement slab goes away and then continue the scratch. Your head of why somebody would put a sponge on their floor and consider the constant reminder of why God invented carpet in the first place, the end
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