Thieving Scoundrels


Village Idiot
Jul 13, 2011
Officers also say that Thursday, they learned Simmons had cleaned a carpet for a person this past June, who discovered that several thousand dollars in cash were missing. The victim had a friend confront Simmons, who allegedly admitted taking the cash, but agreed to pay it back once his house was sold. Police confirmed that report, through a written arrangement that existed.

Thursday evening, Police observed Simmons’ vehicle pulled into a parking garage at Sixth and Market and remain there for about one hour. When the vehicle left, it was followed by police to the Gage County Industrial Park, where officers contacted Simmons and a female in the vehicle.

During a search, police recovered a nine-millimeter handgun from the front passenger floorboard, a zippered bag with a white powder substance from the front console and about $1,100 in cash. Both occupants were then arrested.
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Oct 22, 2012
New Westminster,BC
Ron Marriott
My first carpet cleaning company I ever worked for had the same thing happen. We got calls from customers about missing items, always the same 2 man crew. That was back when we used to use 175's and wet vacs. These guys would take the end of the vac hose and suck up jewelry, watches, money and anything that would fit in the hose. The boss invited the RCMP to our clean out area in the back of the shop to check them out when they returned at the end of the day and caught them red handed with a bunch of stuff in the wet vacuum.
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