Why Us? I mean WTF

Papa John

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knock it off, Stewart

you're making me uncomfortable with all that flowery gushing
(I know you like women, but you life in SF...so you might be a switch hitter too)

Don't worry Larry----I'm SOOO Straight----
My 1st son was born Gay!-- I took his share. :icon_twisted::rockon:

Well you’re named after a pizza!
I forgot to mention Marty-- Your insults make this board entertaining!
Keep up the good work.:icon_rolleyes: :lol:
What was the question?


cuz we CARE more the the gate welder or the painter....excluding Larr of course

Do they have Internet boards and
Fests to go to....

Hmmmm....gate welder forem......
..not one!
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its a different business, their tickets are $5,000-10,000 and above.

they only need a handful of customers per year to survive, we need like 800-1000
Connor has a plumber's board he goes to. I grow tired of the sissys here and want some real biker bar type smack.
Where does he hang out?