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By T Monahan on Jul 7, 2016 at 11:23 PM
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    Unwanted dye migration and the need for color repair are always hot topics of conversation among rug cleaners. This has been evident on recent private internet forums, discussions in general when rug care providers get together socially or at various cleaning conferences and trade shows.

    Many have asked me to include the topic on Rug Summit. We are proud to announce that this will be a feature at this year's Rug Summit. More than just talking about it will occur! Break-out sessions at this year's Rug Summit will feature discussions of dye stripping, along with hands-on demonstrations.

    Robert Mann who does this everyday, at his in-plant operation, will help all in attendance to understand the procedure. So be prepared to participate! Robert has a successful company in Denver Colorado, Robert Mann Oriental Rugs. His premier facility is often host to a Master Rug Cleaner Course in textile repair. The Association of Rug Care Specialists calls upon him to host their cleaning clinics there as well. Robert himself is often called upon for leading the instruction. He has trained an expert staff that covers all areas of rug care. His plain, common sense approach to rug care has won him admiration from his peers.

    But that's not all. Chris Howell, who is well known for his instructive courses in dying textiles, will demonstrate techniques and procedures to add color back in that is missing. As a self taught expert, Chris started his company in 2000 after the family dog ruined brand new carpeting in their home, and was unable to find anyone who could fix the problem.

    Colorful Carpets specializes in repairing bleach spots on carpeting and developed the extra specialization of restoring intricately-patterned Persian Rugs.There were no books to teach how to do this, nor was there any type of equipment that was designed specifically for these intricate color restorations. So Colorful Carpets designed and built a pressurized airbrush system that could be used to control the temperature, volume, and delivery of the dyes, enabling them to perform very intricate color restorations on rugs in a timely manner.

    The expert advice and guidance of Robert and Chris and having these elements included in Rug Summit will be worth the trip alone. The agenda for this year's Rug Summit has been posted on the website, so be sure to check it out -


    Don't miss out - be sure to register before available seats run out!

    See you in Detroit!
    Tom Monahan

    PS - Make sure to register at our preferred hotel, the Baronette Renaissance Detroit-Novi Hotel.
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Discussion in 'Rugs and Textiles' started by T Monahan, Jul 7, 2016.

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