ARCS Intermediate In-Plant Rug Cleaning Course- Indianapolis February 2018

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    Feb 27, 2013
    Jordan King
    February 22-24, 2018, ARCS will be holding their Intermediate In-Plant Rug Cleaning Course at Oriental Rug Cleaning of Indianapolis. It is truly an honor to host and we are excited for the content ARCS and instructor Armen Dohanian will be providing. We started our business in 2006 with just 3 janitorial accounts that grew into a thriving multi-truck carpet cleaning operation. Up until 2014 we were cleaning rugs with very basic dusting and truck-mount equipment. However, after attending classes like this one, we quickly realized there are better and much more effective ways to clean a rug! We built an extremely efficient and effective wash facility at the end of 2014 and have seen our rug business continue to grow year over year. Get a chance to use lots of equipment, tools, and techniques all while enjoying that beautiful Indiana February weather (no really, it could be 50 degrees, or we could have a blizzard, or both in the same day)! There are great local restaurants and bars nearby to provide an enjoyable time off the wash-floor as well! Follow the link for full details and registration:

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