So did you create an upholstery cleaning problem?

Discussion in 'the CleAn Room' started by Mark Saiger, Apr 11, 2017.

By Mark Saiger on Apr 11, 2017 at 8:34 AM
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    Mark Saiger
    After a number of calls also, about upholstery cleaning problems....

    Thought I would post some pics and questions.

    First....have you taken a training class?

    Second....have you sent your techs or yourself to Jim Pemberton's training?

    Everytime I get a call, I tell everyone of them they need to change the tools they are using, change how cleaning and get over to Pemberton's for his upholstery and fabric cleaning school! @Jim Pemberton

    My son in law is going to be getting shipped out there in the future...and I might be coming along too!

    But here are just a few things lately....

    Do you know how to fix these?

    The video is not mine by the I have been very fortunate (knock wood) to have not run into the zombie fire retardant waiting and hiding for me to be the first to clean and expose.

    The one Chair...the cat peed on the furniture...lady asked for other spot cleaning (after she created white out spot on her chair in right corner back) so the tech apparently used a upholstery prespray, and extracted...and see the results.

    Fixing it vs replacing (as another company also got a hold of the pieces and did a solvent cleaned and didn't correct the problem)

    So would you fix? We have some good cleaners here who will jump in and answer fast I bet....

    (the lady wants this entire 3 piece set replaced or reupholstered for $3100...)


    Here is your Zombie fire retardant waiting for you stain

    2017-04-11 11.28.32.png 2017-04-11 11.32.09.png

    NOT my video...but sharing

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Discussion in 'the CleAn Room' started by Mark Saiger, Apr 11, 2017.

    1. Lee Stockwell
      Lee Stockwell


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      Lee Stockwell
      Moving and Storage company gives us similar task from time to time.

      On those "rusty buttons" beware. It may be hard to keep it from recurring due to deterioration of the metal parts over time.

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    2. SamIam

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      sam miller
      Ya I explained to my customer a lot of the rings were do to spotting the fabric, that if you don't wet out the whole area it will do that.

      Plus a coffee spill if your to aggressive will leave a brighter ring where the stain was.

      I did end up hitting those stains with Cobbs brightner, but I dilute it 50/50 and then extract rinsed. If you were to throw them out side in the sun they would really pop.

      But the peroxide could over bleach the stain.

      I look at it this way an obvious stain, the coffee, or a faded stain slightly discolored area around it.

      Either way she needs to have some covers made for the arms, this fabric shows everything.
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