Chief Speaking Bullshit

Chief Speaking Bullshit

"I was thinking today being a Native American most all my haters are white low IQ carpet cleaners." - Rob Allen
last year I posted a question on that forum in reference to a survey I was conducting. A simple general question. I was met with great hostility by an administrator. This dude was so foul with his vocabulary that I was thrown back by how Rob allowed this on an open public forum. Emailed Rob about that incident but never got a response which led me to believe he was in on it. That shattered my image of him. I was heart stricken as I talked to him a couple of times on the phone and purchased a few things as well. Fast forward today I am still going through psycho counseling due to that episode.
The lost of a friendship you never had is like stepping on dog poo....scrub your shoes on grass and move on.
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