Excel Spreadsheet for Jet Flow Rates 1.0

Expanded Chart of GPM flows for Teejet/Veejet - Sizes 01 to 24, Pressures 50-1000 PSI. Zipped.

  1. dgardner
    Simply a standard flow chart, but expanded to include all jet sizes and pressures a typical Carpet Cleaner might be interested in. The cells auto-calculate, just add to the pressure row and/or nozzle size column and copy the formulas in each cell to extend the table as far as you wish.

    Uses the standard calculation for nozzle flow:

    GPM1 / GPM2 = √P1 / √p2

    Where P1 is 40psi and GPM1 is the standard nozzle flow at 40 psi (04 jet is 0.4 gpm, 12 jet is 1.2 gpm, etc.).

    Personal use is OK - if you publish the chart please include my copyright notice. Enjoy!