1. Mikey P

    What do you use your CRB for? POLL

  2. BestWayJay

    Zipper eating through dive bar filth

    We cleaned one of my friends dive bars the other day and the results were top notch. After a good pre-spray with Saiger’s Sauce and scrubbing with the CRB, the Zipper ate it up.
  3. encapman

    BrushEncap - 7 Day Special

    In honor of the CRB Webinar tonight, we're offering a special deal on the BrushEncap machines for MikeysBoard members! These are the genuine Austrian built machines. We normally sell these machines at very competitive prices! But for the next 7 days, we'll be taking an additional $100 off the...
  4. andrewyates

    Looking to start a business based on a CRB/VLM sytem

    So, this is my first post. (woohoo) I have spent the past few months doing some research in the carpet cleaning industry. Keep in mind that I am new to this industry and wanted to get as much information as possible. I came across OxiFresh and fell in love with the business model. (everything...
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