Completed 1 Case MasterBlend Ultra TLC

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Jul 13, 2011
Auction includes:
  • 1 Case (4x1 gallons) Ultra TLC
  • Free shipping to lower 48


Ultra TLC Premium Concentrate carpet prespray is a super concentrated traffic lane cleaner for heavily soiled preconditioning. Powerful, full strength formula works quickly to remove soils and stains which resist most ordinary cleaners. Boosted with citrus solvents for extra aggressive breakdown of grease, soil, and grime in commercial and residential carpets. Saves on labor. Pleasant citrus scent.

• Ultra Concentrated Carpet Prespray
32:1 Concentrate
• Citrus Solvent Powered
• Ready To Use pH Is 9.3

Retail value $352
Starting bid $150
Minimum bid increment $2

Auction ends Tuesday, February 28th at 9PM EST/ 6PM PST
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