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I would let it go "Turn Key" with hoses and solution lines for $10k. I'll even deliver it and we can go use it on some jobs if you want. If you look back through my older video's on my youtube channel you will see it used to be orange. I had a lot of issues with it and sent it back to the manufacturer for a total rebuild. He stripped it down to the frame and rebuilt it from the ground up. I had it re-powder coated red. New burner, new motor, new quieter exhaust system and all the new modifications were made. I just keep it around as a backup unit, but I really don't need it. The only thing I use the van for is to tow my boat around.
Not sure what you're describing Al by " working to job from day one"

Please explain
First day a little safety orientation. Grab the work order and go over it. Then take off. He does the jobs and you watch and train. Weeds out the folks who are not going to work out too. Expect to run and 25% regular production.
I'd teach them slow like I did my son. First just make him stand next to me and watch. Be a gopher. Then work him into more things as time passes. My 11 year old kid is really getting it. He now rolls up the hoses and sets things up for me. Prevacs, CRB's, and presprays. He also knows how to operate the TM. I love it when he comes with me on jobs. He is now actually quite helpful. I only bring him on vacants.

When I hire I would prefer someone that doesn't have any experience. I don't need so guy telling me that I don't need an acid rinse.

I am a little nervous to hire. The winter time scares me. But I am pretty good at marketing. I bet I could throw out some hack pricing EDDM to get us through it.

You need to put someone on the wand, not the first job, but the first day they work with you. If you ask me, it's more dangerous to give a newbie your prespray than it is to give them the wand. Would you want them to overspray on an expensive art piece or leather couch or just go off a little on the wand? I'd rather overspray and handle hoses than wand a room. Get them wanding as soon as possible when they're mind is fresh and you'll have a second Damon by the end of the day. If you think wanding is rocket science that someone needs 3months to study, you're a fkin moron
Make the chemistry and operation of the truckmount the last thing he learns. One reason is if he sees how literally everything works, he might consider quitting and starting his own business a month after you've trained him. Once you're ready to get off the truck and hire a second person to assist your first tech, then teach him those points of info and promote him to be the lead tech.

I don't care if you're dragging that zipper or swinging the wand, you need to start backing off from it or your body is gonna start letting you down. You do prespray and hose handling while you're directing him to use the wand and you'll benefit better.

I remember when you had that dumbass injury by lifting your 175 the wrong way or something like that. That could happen again. Would you rather push a wand or just prespray with an injured body?
Not sure what you're describing Al by " working to job from day one"
sink or swim

you don't start 'em out with keys to van working in kabillion dollar homes with bleeder rugs and trendyfaq designer froo-froo fabrics.
You take them to empties and after hours com and put wand in their hand right from the get go

you'll know within a day whether or not if they'll ever "get it" or will have to be spoon fed on the simplest common sense things like not dragging hose thru mud.

after a full week in empties, if they still need spoon fed on set up and common carpet situations, they're too afflicted with the "stupid gene" and are destined to be hapless schmoes their whole life.....only fit for bringing in shopping carts from the Piggly-Wiggly parking lot

Damon, it's summer and school's out .
There's a pool of young teachers with big student loans to pay and lots of free time on their hands right now
look for one now...you don't have to kill yourself all summer long alone

a source for long term part time help are Fire mens and wimmins.
Their typical work schedule gives them plenty days off on a regular daily/weekly basis, which enables you to schedule ball busting jobs/days
...where a solid wingman will increase production MORE than enough to pay their rate.

and you don't have to sweat slow weeks/seasons trying to find hours for a man that depends on your biz to pay his lite bill
(a moral conviction I personally have to my guys)

I've utilized both over the years

I'm guessing you're in your early 40s??
get a good wingman on board ...even part time
10 years from now, your body will thank me

I've always told the new guy or gal to just watch me work the first day. See how I deal with the hoses and set the job up do the job and put things away. I want them to learn how to be a helper first. Teach them about the products and how to use them.

If they can't figure it out in a couple days why would I let them touch the presprayer or wand.

Some have got it right away but most quit in a few days because it's to physical.