Adding Rug Washing


Boy Sprout
Feb 4, 2016
There is another one in Wayne Michigan in June.
Tom, do you have any links to your classes coming up? I was roaming your websites but couldn't find a course schedule. Also considering Lynn Tall. She looks to have a pretty in depth course. Section 1 of Arron Groseclose's class is over for the year. I'm a little overwhelmed with options and the cost veri as much as the options.

I feel like with these rugs I'm getting into wine snob territory. There is so much intricate knowledge to learn. When I talked with a very experienced Rug cleaner about my plans he suggested working in a rug plant for 5 years to get experience. As much as I would love to do that, it really isn't an option. I would think my past years of cleaning rugs myself and hacking them out with my homemade rug pit has built some sort of experience within me. Still, So much to learn! So, I'm just trying to learn everything I can through books and online until I get into a hands on class. Then there is the acquisition of equipment, which is a whole other ball of wax.

Anyway, sorry if i'm ranting on. Sometimes I feel like I'm forcing a square peg through a round hole. My head sees the end result, but my body is tired from the effort needed to make this happen.


Mar 26, 2017
I will be an isolated case, I learned by myself thanks to google research followed by a lot of practice.

My customers are very happy

Ron K

Jan 3, 2009
My head sees the end result, but my body is tired from the effort needed to make this happen.
Be very careful young man lots of people making money selling a dream.
I know I bought a nightmare.
Sure with tons of money you can buy a process/system that is easy.
Will it be proffitable?
Is there enough work to sustain it?
Do you like this kind of work?
Only you can answer that.
I would lease out as much space as to make the building work for you.
Keep a small well designed affordable shop for rug cleaning.
If you are smart and hardworking you can make money and learn and then expand if there's market.

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