An offer one can refuse?!

Got this via email. Is it a go? Will it finally take me to the golden promised land?

"I work for and we are an on demand home services company; the Uber of home services. The difference with Serviz is you don't pay for leads or referrals; we send you guaranteed bookings!

Customers sign up for services via our app or website, and then we match you with the job. No competition. We make money once the job is complete.

Here's what we pay you:
  • 2 room min / $25 per room - 250ft (min of $50 per call)
  • Stain Treatment Sm $20 Lg $32
  • Deodorization $10
  • Protection $18
  • Stairs $1.75 / stair
  • Landings $7
  • Small Sofa $60
  • Large Sofa $120
  • Upholstered Chair $37.50
  • Ottoman $25
  • Loveseat $37.50
  • Dining Room Chair $7.50
  • Upholstery ea. additional Ft. $9

We can provide ~3-5 jobs per week. The more jobs you take the more jobs we give you.
Please let me know if you're interested."
I don't see how that model will work for anyone. It's like sub-contracting for residential services. Many issues I see, but does anyone see a good side? I really would like to know... thanks.
I never heard of serviz, so I looked them up. Extremely bad reviews.

It's not that bad of a deal for someone looking to fill out their schedule.

Carpet cleaners don't move any furniture, you only accept the work you want to do, 2 hour window to get there.

I would give it a try, but I don't want to be associated with such a poorly rated service.
Any lead generation service for the service industry that tries to get involved with, or dictate what you charge a customer is doomed to fail.

It just can't be done.

Unless the service is doing the billing themselves and taking a cut from the total, which is unlikely to be a popular thing, the only way is to charge for the individual leads, like Thumbtack, HAdviser, and a few others.

Their need to keep their enrollment/request process simple enough so the brainless can do it with minimum effort and generate revenue will always keep the lead quality very poor.

Better intake info requests also detailed better for each industry.

I don't think customer requests should be free either on the other end.

Minimal fee to week out the morons and BS.

99 cents a pop.
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