and I cleaned carpet too..

Mikey P

Oct 6, 2006
The High Chapperal
Up at 6AM, emptied the dishwasher and loaded it up, again
Cleaned up cat pee off the kitchen floor
Half hour of bible study
Took and placed on order for some WP wand triggers for a regular customer in Palm Springs.
Called Charles at Aladdin in San Antonio to discuss the Multi Surface Course for a half hour
Made two call while I drove to my first job, 4 areas of carpet and some kitchen tile, got a $35 tip.
Came home for lunch and to order a new foam seal kit for the 370 tank, and grab some tape to plug the leak until next week
Drove down to my military complex for a large unit where the Frenchie urine could only be exposed by UV light on the LVP but not the poly carpet
Took countless GG calls, many from Roger Lloyd about glides and wands, and made one to Jim P to catch up and explain why my SSTI Glides blow away the OEMs
Made a short video about the 530
Fished up around 5pm at the base
Talked to Eric Olsen about him helping teach in SA
Talked to Damon at Encap store about attending Encapalooza in Feb/Vegas
Unpacked 9K worth of new glides, sent out two on back order and another 9 orders placed today, talked to Bryan while I worked about our days.
Ate dinner
Sent a copy of the multi surface manual to Jessika James@ IICRC so she can prepare for San Antonio
Ordered some Colorsil for San Antonio
Ordered a 530 for Johnny Johnson
It's now 10:45 and I'll relax for an hour before bed.

Tomorrow I'm picking up 2K in lumber and hauling it down to the cabin to be a grunt for 4 days of RnR.

Mike J

Feb 21, 2022
Mike Joannides
Left house at 5:00 am to get to Apple store @6 this past Friday. 7:00 got reservation for iPhone 15pro, the reservation was for 12 noon.

Went back did a job @9:00.

Back to the Apple store, got and activated phone @ 12:02 (i was nervous)

Went back did a job @ 2:00.

Took a pic of a nasty carpet. Too big to download. Went in woods this morning with setting lower. Rainy nasty weekend

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