Webinar Aug 26th- Cameron DeMille @ Easy Stone Care


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Be warned! Cameron's life long passion for stone cleaning and restoration will rub off on you during this session. Whether you just dabble in stone cleaning or are a full time restoration pro, you'll find plenty to learn in this rare opportunity to spend some time with Cameron. Learn many techniques and business strategies needed to be successful in this challenging industry.

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Mikey P

We'll be going over what skills and supplies you'll need to deal with:

Stone and tile counter tops

Shower stalls

Grout repair

Easy honing

Etch mark removal

Color sealing

Qualifying stone cleaning results when not restoring

And more...

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Took a bunch of notes, am looking into attending a class and with any luck, disowning my son. I mean, acting like I hit someone in the head with a bottle of champaign?

Haw! It was Port and the dude had it coming!

But an interesting, informative webinar. Not to give Mikey a big head, but I was glad he dragged the conversation back on track several times so it could move forward from subject to subject.

Mikey P

It was like a rodeo roping Cameron in for 2.5 hours.

he's a wild man..

We'll be doing lots more stone/tile sessions for sure.Actually have Rob from Stone Pro on the schedule for October 28th
I actually had to beg off early (well 10:40 pm for me) to get to bed for a crazy day ahead...

BUT....I actually went to my bathroom and started cleaning my granite counter top...NO LIE....

finally went to bed at 11 pm....then got up, cleaned it some more....

And tonight....cleaned it some more...

My brothers and I were talking this morning if we had more hard surfaces, what a kindergartener we would feel like!!

Gave us an even better understanding about how people might feel just getting into carpet cleaning and we take that for granite :) (granted)

Oh....and I polished my granite some more tonight....LOL

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