CDS tank switcharoo

Doug Rice

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Feb 28, 2011
Need some of you with experience on waste tank switchover. Found a nice 2009 CDS 4.8 waste tank and need to make it work on my 99 4.7 CDS. Got the old one out and trying to get the new one plumbed and wired. Wondering if the Upper float switch in the 2009 can be wired into my harness to replace old style float. I plan on using my old control panel next to new tank. I think my HXs will pretty much bolt on and I will also hang my old mix tank front of newer tank. I don't think I can make the newer chem mix tank work with my 99. Anyone have any experience with this? What kind of fasteners are used to bolt the tank down, it look like some type of threaded insert. Should I keep old carpet under tank? Would appreciate any advice.

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